Monday, 15 June 2015

Zero comes to visit

Zero our Hero dog came to visit all our brilliant readers at Shaftesbury Primary School on Friday evening during our summer fair.  The children went to the library to find Zero happily snuffling around the books with an extra tail wag for all those children who came to visit her to tell her about the latest books they were reading. We are so lucky to have such a great dog to help us meet our reading targets by the end of this term. Thank you for coming to visit us Zero!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Check out the new books in the library

All the new books we were able to order from the Travelling Book Fair have now arrived in the library. There are more than 70 new books that we were able to buy. There are Minecraft books, lots of books on sport and animals which seem to be the most popular choices. So go and explore the library this week and see if you can find a great new book to read!

Amazing Reading but can we reach our Zero targets by the end of term?

Amazing reading  by everyone at Shaftesbury Primary - well done. Now let's keep it up . . .

Here are our new targets to reach by the end of term.  I will keep you updated as to how we are getting on.

Bronze medals:   You have  won  232  medals but your  TARGET  is  250

Silver medals;  You have won  195 medals but your TARGET is 250

Gold medals: You have won 90    medals but your TARGET is 100

Centurions -- There are now 52 members of the Centurion club - can we have 100 Centurions by the end of term?   Our new TARGET: 100 Centurions.
Don't forget to keep putting book reviews on the blog - we all love to know what books you have been reading and there is a Zero sticker for every new blog that goes up.

Lets see if we can meet the challenge and hope that Zero can come to school again to say Well Done to everyone at Shaftesbury Primary School for being Reading Heroes!